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bye bye... hello

Bye nasty germs, bye flammable alcohol, bye bad chemicals, bye smelly ethanol, bye cracked hands, bye stinging wounds, bye single use plastic bottles, bye planet killing carbon.

​Hello organic and sustainable Totarol™, hello 100% natural and moisterising ingredients, hello earthy aromas, hello soft and nourished hands, hello healing wounds, hello protected hands for 24 hours, hello 100% recycled plastic bottles, hello carbon free 2022.




100 million years of fighting bad

100 million years ago in the continent of Gondwana there were dinosaurs, some of them were bad. At the same time a little seedling began to grow, it was good, and that good seedling grew into a great tree.


It out survived the bad dinosaurs, the bad tectonic shifts, the bad weather storms and that great tree ended up in an amazing country - New Zealand.


The tree became known as Tōtara, it’s magical power… Totarol™. Totarol™ forms within the heartwood of the tree in larger quantities after about 150 years of growth and protects the tree even after it has fallen… and THAT’S what we collect (no live trees) so it’s completely sustainable.


With a special patented process we extract out Totarol™ in its purest, organic form: a natural preservative that’s also an anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. So what protected the Tōtara Tree against bad for 100 million years, now protects you.



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