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Bacteria can be both bad and good for humans, so we’ve created products that gently target the bad while keeping all the good bacteria intact.

hand protector

Standard alcohol based hand sanitisers are designed to kill bad bacteria, but in the process it decimates skin which results in wiping out all the good bacteria. 

byebyebad® inhibits bad bacteria growth while also encouraging good bacteria to grow and protect your skin. It’s potency increases exponentially - protecting hands for 24 hours.


Scientific Test Results^:

  • The more applications of byebyebad®, the more potent it becomes and pathogen inhibition is increased exponentially.

  • byebyebad® is proven against a range of pathogens (including Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa).

  • byebyebad® becomes active on skin as soon as its applied and is proven to remain active on skin for over 24 hours.

  • byebyebad® restricts pathogen growth at between 5-10mins.

  • byebyebad® potency keeps increasing in strength and restricts pathogen growth more rapidly at 120 minutes (around 80% inhibition of growth).

  • byebyebad® is also proven against Covid-19, it can inhibit its ability to bind to cells effectively (almost 50% at 10mins and 70% within 3 hours).


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^ All testing conducted by Trinity Bioactives in Wellington, New Zealand.



byebyebad® prebiotic soap

While other soaps cleanse hands of all bacteria (both good and bad), our special formulation conditions and cocoons the skin during washing and the prebiotics reinstate the skin microbiota.

Basically 'friendly' bacteria living on our skin have the vital role of keeping unwanted bacteria away, this is what byebyebad® helps support.


Plus we've added Aloe Vera to help sooth the skin after rinsing leaving it soft, smooth, velvety and clean.


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