• Walk freely around the world knowing your little wee mits are protected from bad bugs.


    Our 100% natural, alcohol-free, Totarol™ powered Hand Protector stays active for 24 hours all while nourishing your skin. Fused with Kawakawa, Hemp, Manuka and Echinacea, with a nice earthy, natural aroma it keeps all your good bacteria (skin flora) thriving and protecting you.


    Plus, our bottle is made from 100% recycled milk bottles which you can re-use or recycle!

    byebyebad® hand protector / 550ml

    • + 100% natural
      + alcohol-free
      + active for 24hrs
      + rebalances skin ph levels
      + antibacterial bioactive totarol™

      + made in new zealand
      + cruelty free
      + vegan friendly